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    Our Dental Clinic Services in Joondalup

    Care Dental in Ocean Reef provides high-quality general, cosmetic and preventive dental services and family dental care. We offer our dental clinic services to patients of all ages in Perth and the surrounds.

    We believe that your experience with us should be as painless and relaxed as possible, which is why our dentists offer IV sedation administered through the veins. The effects are almost instantaneous, ensuring you have stress-free treatments.


    Improve your looks by improving your teeth. Our cosmetic dental services can transform your face and self-esteem by giving you back your confident smile.


    Made famous by TV makeover shows and used by celebrities, Zoom’s patented bleaching system achieves results like no other teeth whitening treatment. It's safe, effective and non-invasive, and performed only by specialists.


    Acute toothache, abscesses and broken teeth tend to happen when you least expect them. Care Dental offers emergency dental services and aims to help you sort these challenges out as painlessly and quickly as possible.


    A porcelain veneer is a thin layer that sits over your tooth, similar to a false nail. They offer instant freshness and rejuvenation, improving the colour, shape, and position of your teeth.


    Used to support false teeth, by the use of screws placed into the jawbone to replace the root, tooth implants offer a long lasting, safe and effective solution to missing teeth.


    This type of dentistry improves the long-term appearance, positioning, and function of abnormal or crooked teeth. Devices are used such as braces or headgear to slowly realign your teeth and jaw.


    Prevent future problems occurring by booking regular appointments to maintain and service your teeth. Small treatments such as fillings, dental crowns, or denture care may be necessary to prevent larger issues later on in life.

    For any of our general, cosmetic, emergency and preventive dental services, call us on 08 9403 4746 today!
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